Community Dance Wellbeing

YFC sponsor weekly community dance classes held at the award winning Juanita Nielsen Community Centre in Woolloomooloo. Although the classes are open to all, locals are discounted and we provide scholarships to lower socioeconomic community mothers and teens to participate in the program at no cost. Closer to our yearly Woolloomoolivin’ Annual Festival of Urban Arts and Culture, performance courses are held which culminate in participants performing live at the festival. These classes and courses have been very popular and for the local mothers and teens have doubled as a bonding experience, a means to explore their creativity, and an opportunity to showcase their efforts in the presence of family, friends, and the wider community. To view these performances, click here for a short documentary commissioned by the City of Sydney featuring performance highlights, showcased feeder programs, and interviews from global superstar Russell Crowe, community members, and representatives from participating service providers.

Above: Community mothers and teens show their appreciation to Choreographer/ Teacher and volunteer, Maya Sheridan after performing their performance course piece at the Woolloomoolivin’ Annual Festival Of Urban Arts And Culture.

If you would like more information or would like to participate in these programs and classes please contact us below.

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