Woolloomoolife – Community Mural Project

Youth and Family Connect were selected through a tender process released by the City of Sydney to execute a Community Mural Project in Woolloomooloo. It was the most successful local community activation in memory with participants ranging in ages 5-75 years! Implemented on a wall at the local park previously populated by drug dealers and considered a hazardous zone, YFC were instrumental in reclaiming this precinct through Monthly Community BBQ’s and regular activities and programs, transforming it into a safe and inclusive family friendly space. Please view the short video of the mural stages at the bottom of this page.

Community Consultation and Execution

YFC held three community consultation sessions for the Woolloomooloo Community Mural Project. One at Plunkett Street Public School, where YFC have previously initiated a dance program, and two at The Juanita Nielsen Community Centre in Woolloomooloo. The Program was marketed through social media with a Facebook event page and regular Instagram postings. As well as taking part in the consultation process, local legend and international star Russell Crowe also promoted the project through Twitter.

The consultation sessions were an important opportunity for the community to participate at the germination stage of the ideas and design process and served as a useful tool for YFC in determining the thematic direction and visual language for the final mural design. Although the primary objective of these consultation days was to gather ideas, an art workshop component was held at each of these events to teach basic drawing and compositional skills.

Participants were encouraged to incorporate their thoughts and writings into these exercises allowing a wider opportunity to thoroughly express their personal concepts when drawing from their experiences and memories of the area.

A wide socioeconomically diverse range of participants with ages ranging from 5 – 75 years engaged in the consultation and execution of the project reflecting the unique and socially multigenerational demography of this tight knit village. The painting of the mural titled: Woolloomoolife, was completed over five consecutive days.


The making of Woolloomoolife – Video (click to play)

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